Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Corner Clean and a little organization

I'm pretty proud of my little corner. It has been awhile since I've seen it. The bottom of the boxes which were sitting here had turned to dirt. The mason jars which were in the boxes are now on my shelves as shown.
What do you think? Looks nice doesnt it?

Friday, September 30, 2011

More pics from under it all. Basement.

Pictures of my basement before my transformation from hoarding junkie began.

I havent started on this half of the basement yet. Eventually plan to replace the metal shelves with wood ones like I have pictured and will picture in future posts. The purpose will be to organize items which I have for sale on

Another picture of the as yet untouched half of the basement. Cant wait to get started.

This is the half of the basement that I have started working on, but the good part is behind me.
Another section of the untouched.
View from ebay central past. I used to work on ebay from here, but now I can function properly in this "office" so I use my laptop and my easy chair in the living room.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A GREAT Victory!!

Okay so maybe its not that great, but it is to me. Look!
Ya, that's my Zero-turn inside my garage! Plus my old faithful yardman push mower. I even got all my trash cans that were in front of the garage nicely stacked inside the garage, but that was after I took this picture. Actually I cleaned up most of the stuff in front of the garage. All the wood shelves have been moved to the basement, but I only got two more shelves done today.
Took a bunch of stuff with me to the Country Trader Antique shop in Mansfield today. Old piucture frames, a record player, a cool old black wooden tool chest, and some other trinkets. Had a great day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I didnt do it

Like I said, it wasnt me. I wasnt even with them. My family stopped at a yard sale on the way home and bought more stuff. I didnt do it.
Anyway, here's a couple more pics of my hoard.
This is a picture of the front of my property taken from my patio. You can see the garage and my "parking lot". It actually looks a little worse right now than in the picture because I had to move some things out of the garage to get to some lumber I had stored in the garage. The lumber came from a business I cleaned out when it moved. They had a lot of wood shelves in the backroom which I removed and put in the garage. Now they are going into my basement so I can store our canning jars on them rather than on the floor.
I can probably get another 3 maybe 4 shelves in here which should be plenty for what I am doing. I have enough materials to build another set of shelves someplace in the basement. I just will need time.
I should mention that I have not been able to get into this space for several years until yesterday when it looked like this.
I know its not much from what it was before I started cleaning out. Below is a pic of boxes and boxes full of books. These were purchased for resale and ended up in the basement. as you probably know, a basement is no place for books. Most of these books are now at the local recycling center. But I still have a tons.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Somebody To Save Me~Me

It started about 1998 or 1999 with a yard sale. I'd always been pretty good about not holding on to things for too long. All my childhood toys were given away to children as I got too old for them. I did this myself because I wanted to keep my room organized in a disheveled sort of way. At least I knew what I had and where it was at and I was never afraid of letting someone in my room.

So anyway, one day I needed some extra cash to pay a bill and so I had a yard sale. I made a lot of money that day selling my stuff for cheap. So much that I really wanted to do it again, so I started going  to other peoples yard sales and buying stuff. That lead to Flea Markets and auctions. Things began to pile up as I bought the $1.00 box lots. Couldn't sell it fast enough and I just couldn't throw it away.

Then we bought a house with a garage and a basement. Which I have filled. I must say that my wife has been very good about it and has done a good job of keeping things manageable. I really was buying to resell, but somehow I just kept buying and buying and not selling so much as I should.

This year things have changed. I have started cleaning out. I don't go to yard sales or auctions, but I do clean out estates and apartments which can bury me under mounds of stuff.

This blog is about sharing my recovery, sharing my unburying. I want my house back. I want to be able to use it for more than just storage. So today I am asking you a favor. Help me help myself. Share your stories with me. I'll try to help you too if you want. Maybe we can help each other end the clutter forever.

This is a couple pics of my front patio and entrance room. This is what ppl see when they come to my house. Yeah I do some scrap metal too, trying to make ends meet.
Yeah I sell stuff on ebay and co-op shops, but I have so much now and I have trouble selling too cheap. My ebay user ID is estatecleaner. Ive been selling a long time and have over 10000 feedback.

Please comment. It'll be nice to know that someones reading.